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Sleep during Day or during Night?

Do we get the same benefits of sleep when we sleep during day instead of night?

No. All the benefits of sleep discussed in the previous article are only regarding sleeping at night.

Ayurveda has never encouraged day sleeping. According to Ayurveda day sleeping increases Kapha & Pitta. It is a major reason for Agni mandya i.e disturbed digestive power. Also, it is listed as cause in diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, chronic indigestion etc.

One cannot sleep peacefully at night when one gets accustomed to sleeping during the day. Thereby the person is deprived of benefits received by sleeping during the night. It causes increase in Vata-Pitta and disorders with their imbalances.

Hypertension, blood disorders, indigestion, chronic acidity, hair loss, irritation, lack of concentration are some of the ill-effects of staying awake at night.

How about working in shifts and sleeping during the day?

This is one of the most upcoming & common issues these days. It can be managed up to a certain level with the help of medicines

Those who work in night shift should avoid sleeping during the day on a full stomach. People should sleep without having lunch instead of sleeping after having lunch. Another option that they can opt for is having a bath and a light breakfast before sleeping.

When people have temporary night shifts or must stay awake for some or the other reason, they should opt to sleep for half the time that they have been deprived of sleep the night before. This will help them sleep better during the night according to their usual routine.

Same is applicable to the persons who must wake up early for their jobs and feel sleepy during the day. In such a scenario you can take a power nap of around 30 minutes in your relaxing chair instead of sleeping in your cosy bed with the air-cons on.

Ultimately, I would like to say that Day Sleeping should be avoided by everyone at majority of times. However, there are certain conditions where day sleeping is indicated on medical advice or for health benefits:

  • In cases of people doing heavy physical work.

  • Professional speakers

  • People having weakness followed by a surgery or any hard blow injury.

  • In summers where persons naturally become weak. whatever the case maybe, day sleeping is not for everyone and also never on a full stomach.

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