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Milk and A Vegan's alternative to Milk

With last week’s blog, and being aware of the things mentioned in it, many of you must be on the mode of rethinking on your idea of drinking milk. But one more part needs clarification which is on the rise these days – Tetra Pack milk or long-lasting milk.

How is the idea of taking packs together from store shelf to your kitchen shelf? So, you don’t even need to go to store frequently! Or get some milk powder and get the fresh milk every time?

No! it’s an absolute No. These kinds of milk are UHT i.e. ultra-heat treated.

Milk is treated at very high temperature to pasteurize it, then cooled suddenly which takes away all the nutrients which cannot sustain at those high temperatures. It may be fortified with vitamins and minerals externally but again it’s not natural!!

Milk powder on similar lines is prepared using spray drying process. It is used to by adding water externally to it which doesn’t give the richness of fluid milk... (I hope you also agree 😊)

So better opt for the age-old way of having milk i.e. natural and unhomogenized which is pasteurized but not at very high temperature.

Let’s take a look towards Vegans. For a Vegan it is really hard to take up this process of animal milk. Yes, we do understand, but still we would say if you can’t have animal product avoid going towards these milks. You can get more calcium and protein from raw almonds, soya chunks or even the different nuts. There is no issue in having these products in their natural form and required quantities. By required quantity, what I mean is – the quantity which depends on your age, sex, your working style and other protein and calcium rich food items which you might be consuming in your daily routine of diet; otherwise again it might lead one towards excess of nutrition which is also harmful. We understand you have chosen Veganism with a very true belief of not harming animals, but it also implies that you don’t harm yourself by taking any wrong step (though unknowingly). We care for you.

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