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Some Table rules beyond Fork and Knife

All of us must have heard dozens of times from our elders regarding setting up table for lunch or dinner. There is a pattern to set this table in a particular way so as to ease the process of eating food. Similarly, today we are discussing these rules regarding having food. You might realize some major things among the below were a part of your diet routine just a few years back. Though these have been side lined due to some constraints of today’s life we can always move back bit by bit towards healthy habits.

Now knowing about our food quantity which we should eat let’s move to how should we consume food

  • Warm Food:

The food which you have should always be warm. By saying warm it doesn’t imply just heated in microwave before having but the food which is freshly cooked.

It helps in proper digestion, adds to taste of food, helps in building up body, complexion, strength and protects vata imbalance.

  • Moist Unctuous:

Food should be moist in consistency. Food should have some amount of fats added to it. It should never be consumed dry.

It helps in proper ignition of digestive fire and increases the taste of food.

Balances vata and satisfies taste buds.It gives to satiety.

  • Right Quantity:

Only when food taken in right quantity* helps to get benefits of the food.t

  • Only after digestion of earlier meal:

Lunch / Dinner should be taken only after digestion of previous meal.

It implies only when you feel naturally hungry, without use of any digestive tablets or some antacids. This also implies no munching in between two meals so to satisfy your psychological hunger.

  • Opposite combinations:

Never eat any food combinations which are opposite to each other. E.g. mixing fruits and milk or Leafy veggies with milk.

  • Clean and Tidy place:

Always have your food in a clean, open space and have all your accessories for eating with you i.e. make ready your dinner table before you eat as the experience is not far off when you have irritated on glass of water which you forgot to have with you before starting your dinner.

  • Never hurry:

Never ever hurry up with your lunch or dinner. It leads to indigestion in a short while. There are secretions of different digestive juices at different points of digestion. Food when mixed with them properly, gets digested properly.

e.g. Rice is more digested by the enzyme secretion of saliva than any other enzymes

  • Do not delay:

Also delaying your food consumption is harmful as the satiety value of food is lost and person tends to eat more. Also, the food becomes cold and digestion is hampered.

  • Food and concentration:

Always have food with your concentration and likes. Never have food which you don’t like or not accustomed to.

It creates disturbance in your digestive juices and thereby gives bad digestion.

Always enjoy your food with all your sense; be engrossed in food when you eat it, prepare it.

Try and feel the experience of having food. You will feel more satisfied by reducing excessive talking, watching television or even reading a newspaper. Dinner talks can always be continued after your dinner as well.

Lastly, be grateful to someone because of whom you are having your food and stay healthy. Never forget to thank for food you eat.

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