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Summer Regimen

Following the gentle warmth of Spring, here comes the sweaty Summer. Its not that easy to keep calm with the heat of summer. So, we are here to discuss something about the Summer routine by the way of Ayurveda.

Summer that is Grishma rutu is characterized by heat, sweats,dryness with different geographical areas

Naturally there is accumulation of Vata Dosha in the body due to increasing dryness in nature. The heat reduces moisture from earth. Also, the strength of AGNI that is digestive fire is reduced than before. So, the thought of having some spicy foodstuff for lunch or dinner might be irritating. But now you know why that is so!!!

This was in short, the general summer conditions in different parts of the globe. As always, they might be a bit plus or minus intensity wise but principally same. So now let’s take a quick glance at some daily tips which we can use to bear the summer heat.

  • Avoid use of ice cold water. Use naturally cold water. Use of earthen pots is encouraged for the same in India. If not that, at least avoid extremely chilled water by bringing it down to better temperature before consuming.

  • Water consumption can also be encouraged by adding some fruit pieces to make it flavoured water. But be sure you use seasonal, juicy and sweet fruits and do not substitute it with directly available flavoured drinks or fruit juices.

  • All kinds of sherbets, thin buttermilk can also be given an equal chance. At times use of fragrant waters i.e. water with addition of fragrant herbs like Chandan(Sandal), Waala(Khus) can also be used.

  • Reduce the spice from your daily food. Slowly you might like to use some coriander and cumin powder in your food. Reducing the intensity of spices will help your taste buds reduce excessive production of heat and lead to proper digestion.

  • Encourage use of sweet, bits of sour and salty tastes in your daily diet. Sweet taste helps you balance Vata-Pitta, however it doesn’t apply to having pastries daily :P

  • Use of a seasonal fruit i.e. Mango, both raw and ripe, should be encouraged. Mango in the form of a fruit, cold pressed juice can be always taken according to one’s own digestive capacity. Cucumbers can also be used in daily diet in various forms.

  • Avoid use of alcohol, as it’s hot potency disturbs body functioning if consumed in larger quantities. If at all you want to have it; it has to be in diluted form.

  • As days go by, bearing with heat becomes difficult. Use of fans, aircons, coolers etc. becomes an unavoidable part of our life. To be on safer side avoid direct flow of any type of cold air on your body. It might be a cooling effect for now but one might suffer the consequences in the forthcoming rainy season.

To conclude I would like to say:

  • Keep yourself well hydrated with naturally available water options.

  • Reduce the spice intensity in your daily life.

  • Encourage the use of seasonal fruits, veggies in all possible ways in daily diet.

  • Do not overload your digestive fire just for the sake of your taste buds.

  • Be gentle on yourselves and enjoy the summer.

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