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How Much Should I Eat?

After having brief idea of digestive capacity last time let's have an idea regarding, how much should one eat? How to decide the quantity on your own without going into mathematics of food.

Many times, it is observed that despite having nutritious food as per age, we suffer from various deficiencies even we see the ageing signs quite beforehand, then wondering why this happens even after having all nutrient rich food. These things can be easily explained. Though,quantity is one among various reasons but its role is surely not negligible.

"Appropriate quantity of food is the quantity of food which is easily digested by your digestive fire in the stipulated time"

Which doesn’t cause heaviness of abdomen after consumption

  • Satisfies your thirst and hunger: You shouldn’t feel hungry till your next meal, at least not before 3-4 hrs after your meal. Same applies to your thirst where you might feel excessively thirsty when you engage in food like Fries.

  • Pleases your sense organs too: You will not like to eat something which you don’t like. Imagine you are eating certain food daily which you don’t like to see, taste or smell. So, though going towards health you cannot keep your likes and dislikes always away from you.

  • Digestion of food before next meal: The food that you take should be completed digested before you have your next meal. Also implies that you should not have too many meals in a day with smaller gaps.

  • One should be able to do activates like walking, sitting, standing, breathing is carried out easily.

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