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Misconceptions About Ayurveda - 2

Thank you for all the e-mails, and messages. Also apologies to all my readers for missing out on our regular upload day of Wednesday. I have been receiving a lot of doubts and queries off late and to clarify them, I am writing this blog which can be a continuation or a part 2 of the blog I wrote a couple of months ago.

Misconception: Ayurveda restricts whatever I like!

Ha ha ha ! May be because you have been overeating your favorite food or at a wrong timing. Maybe you will be eating it again when you turn healthy again.

Misconception: I want to have Panchakarma / Detoxification

Panchakarma is not a glass of water which you would like to have or not. It is a part of treatment. There is a protocol when you can go for Panchakarma and your practitioner knows better than you when you fit into it, and when not to opt for it. To be precise, when the doshas in your body aggravate beyond certain limit you are fit for it. It is because of this level of doshas, medicines cannot work efficiently on the large spectrum where the panchakarma like Basti [Enema], Vaman [emesis], etc work and to remove out doshas (in local term) is only best way to treat.

And for dislike I would say it is recommended to you to go through process or not, is completely your choice no one can force you up there. But Ayurveda is not only Panchakarma if at all you are at that stage you would be asked to do it or else as said earlier there are wide range of medicine formulations.

Misconceptions about Ayurveda

Misconception: Ayurveda is for vegetarians or Vegans.

No, it’s not. Ayurveda has prescribed different non-veg recipes where needed. Also there is use of egg yolk in certain medicine formulations.

Moreover, the corals use is seen very commonly in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda defines variety of meats in its nutrition related chapters. Only the use is indicated with the requirement liking of person and quantity the person can digest.

Misconception: Ayurvedic Medicines can be self-prescribed.

How can it be possible? When a lay man is unaware of treatment principles how can he/she prescribe medicine? There are defined doses of medicines and timings too. No wonder if person gets into this, he or she might suffer the harmful side effects of the same without even knowing the cause (improper medicine or its dose) would land into other issue. As stated before just not knowing clearly the other effects of medicine intake doesn’t actually make the medicine free from side effects. Moreover, Ayurved prescribes medicine by understanding Prakriti of person which plays an important and proves why Ayurved can give different medication for same disease in different people.

I hope I have resolved all of your doubts and queries but if you still have any doubts, you can drop me e-mail on

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