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Nasya is process where we introduce drops of medicated oil in both nostrils. Nose is only pathway to reach our brain. Thus, the medicines related with SHIRAH, i.e. head, for imbalance of vata pitta or kapha in this region nasal drops are considered best therapy. To maintain proper balance of doshas we need to proceed the same way. Just two drops of medicated oil (not ghee unless recommended by practitioner) daily helps to maintain this area of our body.

Nasya help in reducing below conditions:

  • Sinusitis

  • Headaches

  • Heaviness of Head

  • Vision Disorders

  • Reducing Allergic Rhinitis

However, it needs a consult before you start any nasya of your ailments as there are specific oils for different issues and different times of day to have nasya as per your ailment. You can always use for maintaining good health of all organs (Eyes, Nose, Throat) situated above shoulders (as we are discussing only about healthy person).

One should opt for two drops of medicated oil in his nostril daily in morning. One needs to lower his head backwards while sitting on chair or lying on bed and perform nasya. Remain in same position for some time say 2 minutes and then continue daily activity.



A very well-known aspect of Ayurved, but often mistaken as massage. Abhyanga is gentle application of warm oil all over the body. It does not include any pressure point massage or any marma massage. It can be done by oneself as well. It provides the unctuousness or oleation to your body for its daily performance. Imagine your car working with low oil... It will not work efficiently, so is the condition of your body. Oils have natural tendency to bind molecules together and so they are needed for good growth.


  • Helps person to ward off old age

  • Builds physical stress bearing capacity.

  • Induces good sleep

  • Reduces anxiety when used on regular basis.

  • Tones and strengthens body

  • Enhances the texture of skin.

  • Improves vision and reduces excess vata in body

  • Reduces hair loss.

  • Reducing wrinkling of skin


When it’s not possible for you to do Abhyanga for entire body, try and anoint your head, ears and foot with warm oil. Maybe you can do a full Abhyanga only on your week off days but regularly anointing above three organs also help you to a great extent.

However, for children application of oil plays a great role in their development. Muscle strength, good sleep proper bowel movements are all achieved by them with optimum amount of Sneha i.e. oil in their body.


OOPS!! The most required part for today from daily routine as well as the most neglected part by people these days. Today we see increasing risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and these situations are alarmingly increasing in children too. Exercise, proper physical activities by people are missing and so have a great contribution towards these situations.

Very often we hear house-makers saying we do a lot of activities in day so we don’t need any other form of exercise. But it’s not so. Exercise is needed for every healthy individual to gain strength and stability in body for his/her daily routine which can be of any form. Yes, the form and intensity of exercise changes with your profession, age etc. The schedule of exercise is not similar for a person working in a sedentary style and a person doing physically strenuous work at his work place.


  • Strengthens your muscles

  • Improves metabolism and enhances digestive power

  • It bestows a very sturdy and toned body

  • Reduces lethargy and lightens body

However, Ayurved also states some Do’s and Don’ts which one must follow during and before exercise.

Exercise is always done on empty stomach and after elimination of stools and urine. (In case you have your tea or coffee make sure you exercise after an hour of its consumption)

It should be done only until one finds sweat on his forehead and arm pits. (i.e. exercising up till one’s half capacity)

The intensity of exercise should be according to season where person stays, i.e. in winters and spring season the intensity should be maximum as above. While in other season it should be reduced to maintain a good health as excessive exercise by a person without considering the season, profession and prakruti, can lead to destruction internally rather than bestowing the benefits.

Also, the person when is exercising daily should look after his diet (inclusion of healthy nutritious food) to avoid the vitiation of vata after exercising.


You can always start with a brisk walk of 20 min to add some exercise to your routine…it’s never too late to start a good habit.

In case you exercise in evening make sure you have gap of minimum 3 hrs post lunch and minimum of hour and half before you have your dinner

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