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Spring Cleanse....

It is so common to hear people talking about cleansing as we move in spring. But many of us don’t know the exact meaning or idea behind it. Also in India the process of vaman i.e EMESIS is quite common for those who have less idea about vaman it’s like a cleansing process by administration of emetic medicine, but it seems these days the cleansing is taking some different turns.

For this let us understand how and where does this idea come from. Basically spring is the season following winter. As we know, in winter weather is cold, there is naturally accumulation of kapha in body. When this body naturally faces spring(sunny days) the kapha starts melting in body. Thus its common to see running nose with the start of spring. It’s the body’s way to remove the excess kapha. Above mentioned emesis is also serving the same purpose but on a larger base. Also there are ideas coming up where people tend to induce vomiting on own with help of salt water.

Does this really help? No, it doesn’t always. Basically the process mentioned as vaman is among the panchkarma i.e five therapeutic methods of Ayurved. It is a process to be carried out only when the condition of doshas in body is increased to a much higher level which cannot be controlled by medicines, diet and exercise.

As we know every individual is having its own characteristic so accumulation of kapha in everyone will also be different. This implies that every person doesn’t require an intense cleanse of spring. Also the same strategy doesn’t work with all, which we usually find in magazines and also where these emesis camps or (vaman shibir) takes place, unless it is conducted by a person from Ayurved profession.

Spring Cleanse

Then, what are we supposed to do in spring?

Firstly, let your body throw out naturally whatever it can by natural ways. You can assist it by following some simple food routine, avoiding certain food stuff and including some new food stuff and recipes in your diet.


1. Slowly and steadily come to a very light diet. Something like moong dal, rice. moong daal pancakes, amaranth and its reciepies.

2. Avoid heavy foodstuff like all sort of dessert, milkshakes , ice-creams cold drinks.Though it will be more hot as days pass by, do not suddenly go on to chilled or frozen liquids

3. Avoid, sleeping during the day(even during kids school holidays). Try and avoid Sour and Sweet foods which will increase kapha and hamper your digestion.

4. Continue with your exercise routine. It will help maintain your digestive strength.

5. Include katu, tikta tastes i.e pungent and bitter in your diet daily which will help in reducing your kapha and also aid digestion as they are easy to digest.

6. Also we mentioned in winter routine the use of hot/warm water for all purposes now slowly you move to luke warm water as atmosphere gets warmer.

7. Inclusion of Udvartan like process in your daily routine can also be helpful. Udvartan is rubbing your body with certain dry powders (like triphala churna, musta etc).

And lastly, Have a Happy Spring :)

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