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As you all know by now aim of Ayurved is to help you in maintaining your health along with treating diseases, today’s topic is related with maintaining one’s good health. Dinacharya is a daily routine for all healthy people. It includes some very important aspects to help us recover from daily stress as well as make us more capable to handle our daily schedule (which is no doubt very busy and hectic). It includes various aspects and its individual importance. For example. rising early in morning, exercise, abhyanga, nasya etc… let’s look at some of them chronologically.

Rising at Bramha Muhurta And Elimination Of Stools, Urine:

For a healthy life, this plays a very important role. It’s not a new complaint to hear where people say: I wish I could get one more hour in a can get that when you wake up early... that’s before sunrise... one or one and half hour before sunrise is an appropriate time for a very best start of your day.

At this point of day, the naturally increased vata in your body and nature helps you in elimination of urine and stool. Which in turn helps your body to lighten and kindle your digestive fire. If we miss this time it leads to a natural Kapha stage which indicates heaviness and lethargy. Elimination of stools and urine is of prime importance from point of view of exercise, consumption and digestion of food. Though you may feel it is a very minor point in daily routine, but it has very significant role in daily routine.


You can try this out in your routine at least for 5 to7 days and experience the change for yourself. Moreover, it gives you an extra hour to flourish. But definitely a very important point to note is, if you have to wake early you also need to sleep early. It implies that if a person needs a sleep for 8 hours as per his prakruti then he should sleep 8 hours prior to this wake-up time. Otherwise it leads to other issues in your health for sure.

Teeth Cleaning:

It is obvious to have this as very next point. But what’s special! Ayurved doesn’t actually recommend use of tooth pastes for cleaning of your beautiful teeth, not even a herbal paste. It recommends the use of twigs of certain plants which are bitter and pungent in taste. Today thought the use of twigs is not possible but at least use of churnas for same is possible.

What we have from commercials is a very serious issue these days. Apart from use of certain chemical substances, (which you people already know) there is increase in use of a sweet taste for cleaning or an addition of salt in process of cleaning teeth.

Mouth being in kapha’s area needs some pungent, astringent and bitter tastes to get a proper clean-up. Sweet, sour and salty tastes are helping increase kapha and thereby not helping clean up. As this kapha is not cleared you cannot get rid of your teeth issues. In cases of rising teeth related issues, use of junk food plays a good role and so also unclean mouth.



Introducing use of teeth cleaning mixture in your routine might not be a very pleasant idea for some of you, but you can start using it once a day or at least by dipping your tooth brush in powder before you brush every time. After all no effort is small when done consistently and progressively towards a healthy life.

Oil Pulling and Application of(Kajal) Anjana:

Oil pulling is merely holding oil in your mouth for some time, followed by spitting it out. It helps your teeth and gums maintain strength which in turn helps in being stable. It helps in reducing brittleness of teeth, tooth sensitivity, recurrent cavity issues.


Today it might not be possible to practice it regularly, but use of this oil pulling weekly twice is also highly beneficial in a healthy individual.

You may also take an option of application of warm oil thoroughly at your teeth, gums followed by a gargle of warm water.

ANJANA is a process which clears the vitiated or excess doshas in eye. Eye is organ dominated by teja mahabhuta, or fire element, so being a sensitive place for kapha imbalance, use of anjana is its solution. In today’s era of technology where people sit before screens for hours together or even kids who get help from internet for their projects! they are more bound to get some issues like Dry eyes, Watery eyes and even red eyes at times.


One can ask about application of Kajal or certain ayurvedic eyedrops on daily basis to an Ayurvedic practitioner to maintain her or his eye health.

Concluding for today but we will be right back with other topics like Nasya, Abhyanga, Exercise, etc its Importance and Tips to include them easily in your life.

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