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Winter Regimen - Q & A

Hello to All my Readers,

I know it’s not Wednesday, this is really a response for those who were a bit confused after winter regime article. There were many questions regarding liquid diet, alcohol and non-vegetarian diet, so we thought a short post would be the best way to clear the confusion.

Coming to liquid diets, it specially covers all clear soups, daily herbal teas, fruit juices and sharbats to who are from India. It doesn’t include milk. Liquids usually tend to reduce digestive fire and they make you full far faster. We don’t need this fill-up feeling in winters but actually need food, to fill-up our energies. Thick soups like Pumpkin soups are better off with a dash of spice like peppercorns and salt to make them more digestive.

Also, Ayurveda states to reduce the portions of liquid from diet during winter. It’s just you may cut out to half bowl of soup and complete your meal either with a cereal or cooked vegetable or even healthy bread options. Reducing the frequency of having soups for your lunch or dinner would also help.

The concerns of weight gain are very well managed by exercise that you are supposed to put in the same season. If you use the energy which you have put in(in a healthy way) there are no chances for you to increase your weight excessively.

Does Ayurved indicate use of alcohol and non-vegetarian diet?

Yes, it does indicate in winter where you are having naturally good digestive power, however the dose is not like what people having glass after glass or in case of meat it's not meat for every meal. Yes if you are meat lover, go for meat diet if not you have many other vegetarian options to help you, but have only in accordance of your digestive fire. As we go ahead you might find out the use of meat is said to be avoided in summer, however it can be dealt further again.

Lastly, I would like to state this is a schedule for a healthy person. It can be always altered according to your weather, occupation and accustomed lifestyle. If you have any health concerns please do connect with us.

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