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A very common and usual thing for most of us. Yes, most of us. As these days we hear many people saying they don’t have enough time for a bath in morning hours. But Ayurved specially says to have bath in morning and that too before you consume your meal. Apart from making us fresh it also improving circulation and removing sweat. Bathing every day has much more impact on our lives.

It is very important to not have shower over our heads every day, it reduces the strength of person over a period. Luke warm water is adviced rather than use of hot water overhead.

Also, instead of using the chemical based soaps available for different reasons like brightening of skin, softening of skin etc should be avoided.

A simple mixture of herbs usually serves the purpose of many of our requirements. Moreover, you can also get that customized for your skin type from your Ayurvedic Practitioner!

However, the bath is said to be before food as bathing diverts the circulation from gut to the entire body, thereby reducing the digestion capacity. When practiced on a regular basis disease related with weak digestive power may slowly start erupting.



This forms a very important part for the day. This meal should be taken only after the food of previous day is digested

When you sense a hunger. After you clear your bowels.

In today’s era, even the breakfast should be taken after considering these points (Though breakfast is not described by Ayurveda). It also implies that if a person is not hungry in the morning at his morning breakfast (which is common for a Kapha prakruti person) time he shouldn’t have it just for sake of storing energy.

Not having a sense of hunger is among the primary signs of disturbed Agni or digestive fire. If you indulge into any kind of food when you are not hungry may lead to severe digestive disturbances in near future.

When we look at lunch in today’s world having your food between 11 am to 2 pm could be best solution. Also, it is important to include all tastes (Ayurved has described 6 tastes, we would discuss them at some point in the future for sure) in your daily food. Having a diet with dominance of only one taste is harmful for persons growth and development, so all tastes should be included in little amount in your daily meal.

Following a complete cycle of Dinacharya would lead to healthy and better lifestyle and also, help in reducing lifestyle diseases.

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